Flight Safety is Always Our Number One Priority.

Any flight I carry out is risk assessed and conducted in line with our Civil Aviation Authority Approved Certificate of Operation.

The CAA approval regulations require strict adherence to UK regulations but let us help you through the process.

My flight planning expertise enables me to deliver the results you want whilst ensuring every aerial shoot is both legal and, most importantly, safe. RD Drones Ltd and all our operations are covered by full public liability insurance.

I will complete a detailed pre-flight survey with a location check which includes a review of any possible obstacles, air space restrictions and ensure that we can maintain a visual line of site throughout the flight. All pre-flight planning paperwork and permissions will be in place before every flight.

The Day of the Flight

On the day of the flight, I will arrive at the location, and carry out a pre-flight site survey and risk assessment of the flight area. As part of the flight plan I will identify any hazards not recognised as part of my pre-flight planning.

Wind speed is measured, safe take-off/landing sites are identified, and any necessary crew/client briefings are undertaken.

Based on adverse weather forecasts days before or the day of the flight, I will advise you accordingly if I need to rearrange the drone flight.