Your special day needs to be everything you have ever imagined, and nothing less than perfect is acceptable. Your wedding day is unique to you, and you want memories of your special day to last a lifetime.

RD Drones Ltd can help you with aerial drone photography and videography, which will help you capture your special day in 360-degree imagery, capturing shots that previously would have been impossible from ground level.

Our state-of-the-art drones will capture your memorable day from the sky, giving you the highest quality photos and video footage at the most competitive price. So why not get in touch and let me capture your special day from above?


Drones are the ideal tool to help capture an event from a unique aerial perspective. Drone photography and videography can capture events such as Mountain Biking, Motor Cross, Surfing, Running and even Indoor Events.

Drones are not only used at sporting events, but they are also becoming popular at Outdoor Parties, Festivals, and many other local events.

The quality of images and videos from modern drones are simply stunning. The demands of professional photographers and filmmakers using drones means the lenses can rival many digital cameras.

Media & Entertainment Industry

Social Media is becoming more and more popular across the globe with increasingly high competition in the online market.

From Blogs, Online Advertisements and YouTube Channels, creating something unique and eye-catching will help draw people to your business and help your Media stand out from the rest.

RD Drones Ltd's specialised aerial footage can transform your media footage with outstanding angled shots producing the highest quality pictures and some superb video editing.

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Whether you require wedding photography or something else, RD Drones Ltd will offer a high standard of service at a very competitive price!

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