Thermal Roof Inspection

Thermal drones can be used for rooftop inspections because they can detect and identify heat signatures that can indicate insulation issues or other areas of energy loss.

As well as reducing energy bills, thermography can help detect issues that may not be visible to the naked eye, such as moisture, water ingress, and structural problems.

Using a drone for a thermal inspection will help you identify areas of the roof that are not performing efficiently and pinpoint where a repair will be required.

RD Drones Ltd will provide a thorough thermal roof inspection and a detailed thermal analysis report.

Thermal Building Inspection

A drone thermal inspection allows you to see and better understand heat distribution throughout a building.

Drone thermography can be used to evaluate the condition of a building and help detect possible moisture entrapment, delamination of roofing elements, water ingress points and heat loss due to inadequate, damaged, or missing insulation.

RD Drones Ltd's comprehensive thermal drone survey will quickly identify potential issues. I will provide a detailed thermal analysis report which will give you the data required to help improve the energy efficiency of your residential or commercial building.

Solar Panel Thermal Inspection

Drones have become vital for solar panel inspections, collecting data more than 50x faster than manual methods and improving safety by avoiding hazardous man-hours.
My specialised drone with a thermal camera will identify any panel anomalies or failures.

A hot spot on a solar panel is an area that is hotter than the surrounding area. A hot spot can be caused by several things, including a defect in the solar panel, dirt or dust accumulation, and shading from nearby objects.

A thermal drone inspection can help save you time and money on repairs and help keep your solar panels running smoothly and working efficiently.

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