Roof Inspections

Why would you use a drone for a roof inspection? Traditionally roof inspections would be carried out by an individual climbing a ladder to access the roof and inspect where accessible. These high-level roof inspections have a high risk associated with working at height.

RD Drones Ltd uses specialist drone equipment to carry out roof inspections, eliminating virtually all risks.

A drone roof inspection will offer significant cost savings by delivering a much more cost-effective roof survey and providing more valuable data and information.

All roof inspections will be carried out by a qualified CAA Drone Pilot using carefully chosen drone equipment suitable for the check at hand.

Chimney Inspections

Chimneys are often the highest point on a building and are extremely difficult to inspect in most circumstances without human access, which could increase the risk of working at a height.

The most common signs of chimney damage are cracked or deteriorated mortar joints, spalling bricks, damaged capping, and faulty flashing around a chimney, which often causes a leaking roof.

Due to a chimney's central location on a roof, binoculars and even a ladder (assuming you have one long enough) may not be a practical solution for inspecting a chimney. Scaffolding is an option but expensive, and it can also be time-consuming to erect and take down.

I use specialised drones to take high-quality photos or video footage, which is a far cheaper option and gives you a personal photographic record of the condition of your chimney. Having photographic and video evidence could save you money and put you in a strong negotiating position when discussing repairs.

Other High Level Drone Inspection Services

The scope for using a drone for high-level or difficult-to-reach locations is almost without boundaries, including Tall Chimneys, Radio Masks, Cliff Faces, Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Windmills and even Lighthouses.

Please note that some of these inspections may require a more in-depth pre-flight safety assessment to establish if the job can be safely and legally completed.

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Whether you require a roof, chimney or a high-level inspection, RD Drones Ltd will carry out a high-standard inspection at a very competitive price.

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